To become a member of the USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation's and or to make a donation, please print out this page, fill out the form, and mail your check to the following address:

The cost for becoming a "Blue Gun Crew" member is a $500 donation.

Members can also become a "Blue Gun Crew" member by donating $100/year for five years.

USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation
C/O Art Curtis
P.O. Box 318063
San Francisco, CA 94131-8063

Art Curtis:

To support the development of the USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation, I/We pledge as an unrestricted gift:

$1000 ___ Other __

All checks must be in US Dollars and drawn on a US Bank.

___ Check for full pledge amount is enclosed; or

___ This pledge will be fulfilled by paying $______ per year for ___ years (up to 5). My check for the first installment is enclosed.

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