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USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation
C/O Art Curtis
P.O. Box 318063
San Francisco, CA 94131-8063
Art Curtis: usssanfrancisco@sbcglobal.net


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USS San Francisco (CA-38)

"Chief Johnny"
Chief Johnny

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Chief Johnny


Much progress has taken place at our Memorial site at Lands End. A great amount is not visible by us. However, one fact was the name of the area has been changed from Lands End, which it must still be, to a new name "USS San Francisco Park". The ship now has the recognition it deserves.

It will be named as a famous location for visitors for ever. The USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation members are very happy to see this change.

That said, the City, San Francisco will have a ceremony of dedication of this change and the new historical site. So as we get information about the date of this announcement we will let you know.

The USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation will be a part of the ceremony. We must make plans and be prepared to work.

Chief Johnny

Comment: Letter from Michael Lambert was answered below by Chief Johnny. February 12, 2012

Hello Ruth, Michael and the Lambert family,
When God takes a loved one. He was a good man. A big
credit in the victory of WW ll. Saving America for his
children and my great grand children too.

Allow me to share my memory of Melvin on the good ship "Frisco". After about three years of duty on board, I grew to become the Chief in charge of all, food served daily. The total crew was about 1,115. This required the preparation and be ready for meals,
yes three a day, every day -23,000 meals every week a big job, This included theordering of supplies form a supply ship and a part of our gang would travel by boat to the supple ship, with about 60 to 70 workers -We were responsible to make certain that we
received the supplies ordered and then stored away on board the "Frisco" it was alwaysa very tiring day. Often with Melvin, as a member of my crew. He would be on duty at the supply ship to help make certain that we did in fact receive our orders in full and secretly with the help of my other good men, we were able to steal an extra 10 or 15%.--,The Government allowed only $ 00.43 cents a day for each man .yes all three meals. So with good men like Melvin we had a little extra goodies for the meals on the "Frisco" The "Frisco" was considered a happyship and with Melvin's participation he deserved credit for a part of it all. The cooks, bakers & butchers was a team of about 21 men, and remember the duty days wereabout pease days O.K., But each man had a battle station also.

As I remember, Melvin first had duties as a cook. Here I must add a little extra, I established a new title, we had no cooks on the
"Frisco", they were all Chef's in training. Melvin shifted to the bake shop, a very small area only room for 2 men at a time and it grew in production, Seven days a week it was bake breadevery night, The day time bake shop team. made cookies, pastries, cakes and various other items for the crews luncheon & dinners. Yes for over three thousand meals that day and always on time,
it was a big job every day . The very best item each morning was the BREAD and here was where Melvin was in his best, and proud of himself. The best bread hot and fresh only a few hours old No Americans eat better bread today, with the few exceptions of work by Mother at home. My team commanded respect from the crew and always from the Officers. They also received fresh bread, free each morning. I hope that sharing my experiences of working and living with your Husband and Father during WWll , is helpful to you in these difficult days.
My very best regards to you, Chief Johnny Johnson

My father Andrew Hanuschik Jr. served on the USS San Francisco Dec 7 th 1941 and I find his birth or death is not listed. He was born June 21, 1923 and died 8 August 1987. He did not talk about the fight as I later found out he thought it was a let down to the USA. He did show me where a bullet had gone through his leg and I do not see any purple heart for him. He also said he was a radio man at the time. I still have part of his uniform from that day and the pants are missing. I would think that was the bullet through his leg that his pants were discarded. I was also informed just last year by my Uncle who died that dad helped to get whatever planes off of the ground as he was mechanically incline as most Hanuschik's are. He told me dad knew how to fly the corsairs and did during that day. My father was very sick before he died but was going to take the boys out to explain all of this but died before he could. If you could give me any information and at least update his birth and death, and check into what I am telling you I would appreciate it as many of my family is veterans also.
I am beholden to all who served on that day and do not find it a loss!
I appreciate your help in advance,

Mark Hanuschik


Hello Mr. Mark Hanuschik, Pearl Harbor 12-7-1941 was a long time ago but history rolls on and on. I reported for duty on the USS San Francisco in April 1941
and was on this war ship during the entire War ll . Because of his young age, like me,.our father perhaps became a radioman later. No men were wounded nor killed
during this destruction of our fleet -on The San Francisco, it escaped from damage that day. Normally the Ship carried four air-plans called SOCKS, how ever none were
on board that day. they had been removed because we were in the repair dock.. Mark, it would help if you had his discharge papers because that would give your
fathers duty history. His wound could have happened during the night battle of Guadalcanal on 11-12/13-1942 .
The men who served established this Web -- usssanfrancisco.org, It is a none profit veteran company and stays alive because of small donation from friends and the current
members who had served on this war ship ( over 1000 men on board in 1942 ). The USS San Francisco Foundation, supports and maintains this WEB -not the government.,
our program is to bring your father in as a HONORARY member,-- Andrew Hanuschike -- supported by his son Mark who becomes a member of this Foundation, the annually
fee is $25 dollars. These small fees provide part of the needed funds for the annual Memorial Day event in the City of San Francisco , yes and this Webb site too.
I forward this information to our Web Master Sandy Melander
My best regards, Chief Johnny Johnson


I was serving on board the heavy cruiser the USS San Francisco, CA-38. I remember this date. I have many times talked about the sight that I witnessed on this day, 19-March-1945.

The USS San Francisco with several US Destroyers were doing escort duties when this Japanese air attack occurred. On this beautifully clear day we cruised in step together, suddenly, The Franklin was under attack, burning with huge bellows of smoke. I see this sight today, every day, it was awesome - 62 years ago, horrible, I see our airplanes lined up in a landing circle with some touching the deck landing through smoke, while others are exiting the flight deck with a full load of fuel and amo, a sight that we could only watch, but could not give support or help, and it became even more stunning. Enemy aircraft appeared from the clouds to share in the kill like vultures from the sky. A dog fight ensued right above this great wounded carrier (Remember 13-V13)

Now a little more information. As I boarded the San Francisco in Pearl Harbor in March 1941, a friendly shipmate welcomed me into his division, "Chief Baca", a career sailor, and a highly respected boxer. Some months later (Chief Baca) was transferred to new ship construction and some how was assigned to the USS Benjamin Franklin CV-13 (see number 13 again). Baca we learned later, was killed during the engagement of 19-March-1945.

Sad,but do the pearce marchers today understand the price that men like Chief Baca paid for their right to march and scream FREEDOM it's free ??????


Johnny and all,

Thanks. Memories! Memories! Shipmate Baca. Yes, I remember him. He was indeed a boxer. One of the best, and one of the Frisco's finest crewmen. I did not know he was killed while later serving aboard the Franklin. What we all learned back then is that truly Freedom is not Free!

Trouble in the streets. Trouble on the borders. Trouble overseas. All on the verge of getting out of control. This generation of doers and shakers better wake up, else all of the crazies will soon be in the driver's seat and will have a barroom brawl on their hands.

By the way, I'm moving back to Dixon. Too many memories there. More about that later. I'm fine, still sitting up and taking nourishment, as the saying goes, and hope all of you are too.

My best, Herber

Please send us any recent pictures of the men who served on board the USS San Francisco, and let us add them to our photo album on Chief Johnny's wall.

Chief Johnny and Harpo

Chief Johnny and Harpo


Harpo is on of the 50 remaining survivors of the USS Indianapolis CA-35. His cruiser left under the Golden Gate in July of 1945 and delivered the atomic bombs to Tinian.


I was watching Fleet Week in New York on TV yesterday morning, and watching those ships sail in prompted me to check back in on the "Frisco". My dad served aboard her from 1934 until 1944.

The web site say there will be a Memorial Day event, and I'm really pleased to hear it. I visited the memorial in 1962 with my dad, and again in 2002. At that point, I had a hard time finding the memorial, and no one was able to help-with an active foundation that shouldn't be a problem any more!

Assuming the foundation plans to continue, I want to contribute and have his name included. I have his continuous service book that he carried through the war and photos, and would be happy to join. I look forward to hearing from you.

Vickie Bruce.


J. Michael Myatt, a retired Marine Corps major general, is the president and chief executive officer of the Marines Memorial Association in San Francisco. Myatt, who was the commanding officer of the 1st Marine Division in the 1991 Gulf War, was asked by Mayor Gavin Newsom's office to lead the 2010 Fleet Week activities, which every October draw more than a million visitors to the San Francisco waterfront to see the Navy's Blue Angels flying team and honor the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. He spoke about Fleet Week to Chronicle reporter Carl Nolte.

Q: Why is Fleet Week important to the Bay Area?

A: The modern Fleet Week was established in 1981 by Sen. Dianne Feinstein when she was mayor, but the area has a long history with the naval services. A Marine first lieutenant Named Gillespie first raised the American flag over what was called Yerba Buena in 1846. For years we had so many military bases around here you could say we were the most protected city in the United States.




The Men Who Have Recently Passed Away

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