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George Crane Diary

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Below is the transcribed diary. We would like to give a special thanks to Brooksie Conery for the wonderful job she did transcribing George Crane's diary.

Aug. 16, after an _______ but uneventful trip we arrived under the Good Old Golden Gate at 0720 very slowly, what a great sight to see San Francisco off in the distance, in the afternoon we finally arrived at pier 22 Mare Island, everyone was waiting for their loved ones – and we all kissed the ground and enjoyed our welcome home sweet home and leave started the next day for most of the crew.

“Facts About the Frisco”
Traveled 53,065 miles
Used 228 tons of sugar
Used 456 tons of flour
Crossed the equator 25 times – 15 times in one day
Mailed about 114,000 letters
Received about 57,000 letters
Fired 4,500 rounds of 8” shells
Fired 29,400 rounds of 40 min.
Fired 5,500 rounds of 5” shells
Total cost value of ammunition $3,000,000
Used 5,532,328 gallons of fuel oil
Screws turned over 295,000,000 times
Received 181 bags of mail in one day
Shisp been west of Tokyo.



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