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USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation
C/O Art Curtis
P.O. Box 318063
San Francisco, CA 94131-8063
Art Curtis:


John Garvey's


San Francisco in World War II

All -

Admiral Nimitz 4,000 page WWII operational diary is now online; has some great information, esp. on the USS San Francisco.



This is an FYI that I thought might be of at least minor interest to you and some of your members.

I recently received a 1/350 scale naval diorama of the USS San Francisco at the First Battle of Guadalcanal that I had commissioned from an outstanding diorama artist, Kostas Katseas, in Greece. The diorama layout was based on historical records. Ship position and surrounding explosions were based on the slice in time when the San Francisco was exchanging gunfire with the Kirishima (starboard; or arguably Nagara) and an IJN cruiser (aft) and destroyer (port). Some artist license was taken, as in the torpedo tracks coming in from the port side (quite possible, but not confirmed). Battle damage was duplicated from post battle photographs 

I'm sure that there are some inaccuracies, but I'm hopeful that the diorama adequately captures that dramatic and heroic slice in time in naval history. Any comments or questions would be welcome.

Again FYI, my name is Thomas V. Radovich. My profile is on LinkedIn. During my career with Lockheed Martin, I was Mechanical Manager for the Navy's MK 41 Vertical Launching System and Technical Director for the Wide Aperture Array deployed on Los Angles and Seawolf-class attack submarines. My love of naval history, however, pre-dates this experience. My son, Sr.Creative Director for the GroupDephi, his wife and daughter, Kira, live in San Francisco. 

Professional pictures of the diorama are shown at I've attached 2 additional photos taken with my 10-yr old Cannon that highlight some of the close-in details and damage.

Tom Radovich 


Wapato street to honor hero and history


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San Francisco in World War II
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Everything changed on the morning of December 7, 1941, and life in San Francisco was no exception. Flush with excitement and tourism in the wake of the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition, the city was stunned at the severity of the Pearl Harbor attack, and quickly settled into organized chaos with its new role as a major deployment center for the remainder of the war. “Frisco” teemed with servicemen and servicewomen during and after the conflict, forever changing the face of this waterfront city. Warships roamed the bay, and fearsome gun embankments appeared on the cliffs facing the sea, preparing to repel an invasion that never happened.

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