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by Chief Johnny


The Men

Charles K. Herndon

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I was assigned to the USS San Francisco out of class 40-43, 1940, US Naval Training Center, San Diego, California and transported to Pearl Harbor aboard the USS Henderson.  I spent six months or so in the 4th deck division including routine overhaul in the Navy Yard, Bremerton, Washington.  I was transferred to "C" division on the Signal Bridge later in that year, and served the balance of time through August 1944 progressing from Seaman 2nd class thru Signalman 1st class before being transferred to new construction.  I am a Pearl Harbor survivor, also Guadalcanal.  I was in the conning tower when Adm Callahan was killed on the Signal Bridge and was at Lt Cmdr Bruce McCandless right hand in the conning tower on November 12-13, 1942.  I concluded the war aboard the USS Oxford, APA 189, at Okinawa, being discharged at Camp Shoemaker in January 1946.  I am a member of the USS San Francisco Ass'n.


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