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The Men

CDR Louis Marcel LeHardy

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Served as Communications Aide to the President of the US, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Commanded the destroyer USS Zane before, during and following the attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941.

Director of Communications for the SW Pacific Command under Adm. Ghormley, 1942.  Adm. Callaghan asked him to join the CTF staff aboard the USS San Francisco in the Fall of 1942 as Communications Officer for the CTF.  Was on the bridge of the USS San Francisco on the night of 12-13 November 1942.

Killed in action during the Naval Battle for Guadalcanal, 13 November 1942.  Buried at Sea somewhere in Indispensable Sraits on the afternoon of 13 November 1942.  Awarded the Navy Cross posthumously.

A gallant sailor, devoted father and husband, and an inspiration to all who knew him.  His legacy lives on through his daughter ( married a Naval Academy graduate Class of 1954); his son, a graduate of the US Military Academy Class of 1956; and his grandsons, three of whom served in the US Navy and two in the US Army.


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