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Over 125 WWII letters from a US marine who went through training in 1943 and served on the USS SAN FRANCISCO. What a vivid view of how our marines felt in those times and how much their families meant to them. They are all from a man named Walden Thompson. I read many of the letters and it made me really think about our young men and women that are currently serving our country and what they must be going through. There are many envelopes that have Air Mail 6 cent stamps and one stamp that I have never seen before, It reads “HURRY UP THIS IS FROM A MARINE”. They are in good condition for the age and mostly post stamped from Sept. 1943-1944.


"Here are a 2 souvenir pieces of WWII comes with a letter that describes them! The one with the hole comes from the lower section of the aft smoke stack on the U.S.S.San Francisco it reads Oct 14,1942 and Solomons Isls.on the back,the letter writer says he stenciled it and bronze coated it ,the other piece of brass or whatever is a piece of a Japenese shell the was found on the destroyer U.S.S.Shaw.  These are what they are I have no way to authenticate them,that look real to me.  A interesting piece of American Military history."  


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