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USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation
C/O Art Curtis
P.O. Box 318063
San Francisco, CA 94131-8063
Art Curtis:






We are just now compiling the names of the men who served aboard the USS San Francisco, and there were many, so if you know of someone who does not appear on our list, please send us their name, and any information you might have about them.  We cherish any and all information that anyone has about the men who served aboard the USS San Francisco.  This is the whole goal of the USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation.  "Keep Our History Alive".

If you would like to help  with this great tribute to the men who served aboard the USS San Francisco click HERE.

Kistler, Warren 1941-43 2nd Div Died 1989
Klatt, George Staat, Plt. Sgt Marine  
Klee, Walter 1940-42 4th  Div  

Kline, Floyd Munro, Sea 2c

  Killed in a Night Surface Engagement 13, November 1942
Klofta, Robert Ralph 1944-45 6th Div Flag-Band  
Knick, Oliver T 1940-45 S Div  
Knight, Albert    
Knight, Lavan Fireman 1st C USN-I July 22,1943-Jan. 194646 Died July 11, 2009
Knipp, Firman    
Knowles, G L (Ludie) 1941-45 E Div  
Kochan, Eugene 1940-43 C Div Died Aug 18, 1994
Kohn, Merle 1944-46  A Div Died June 13, 1991
Kolar, Rudolph W 1941-43 E Div  
Kolich, Mike    
Kopick, Frank 1937-41 3rd Div  
Koren, Francis C 1944-45  
Kotecki, Henry August 1943-45 B Div Died Dec 21, 1999
Kozlowitz, Robert Stanley PH2 ? Died April 10, 1991
Krauss, Lawrence    
Krenn, M J    
Krieg, Glen Laverne 1943-46 I Div Radar Operator  
Kronlein, Roy W 1942-46 B Div  
Kropf, Fred F (Fritz) 1940 A Div Died Dec 11, 2004
Kruchelski, Alfred J 1940-44 2nd Div Died May 2, 2005
Krucko, Samuel 1942-44 2nd  & Laundry  
Krueger, John E 1940-43 2nd Div Died June 18, 2005
Kruetzfeldt, Herman E Div Died 1979
Kruger, Fred 1937-41 C Div  
Kuk, Leon Dan FC3 1943-46 Died Dec. 7, 2009
Kupbens, Harry (Gus)   Died April 1977
Laake, Gilbert G. S1c 1943 Died Jan 30, 1999
Labanowski, George J    
Labrato, John R 1942-46 1st Div  
Lacour, Alvin H   Died Aug 28, 1993
Ladusau, Dean 2nd Div  
Ladusau, Don   Died 1979
LaFortune, George 1937-41 C & V Div Died July 16, 2000
Lager, Francis E    

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