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USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation
C/O Art Curtis
P.O. Box 318063
San Francisco, CA 94131-8063
Art Curtis:






We are just now compiling the names of the men who served aboard the USS San Francisco, and there were many, so if you know of someone who does not appear on our list, please send us their name, and any information you might have about them.  We cherish any and all information that anyone has about the men who served aboard the USS San Francisco.  This is the whole goal of the USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation.  "Keep Our History Alive".

If you would like to help  with this great tribute to the men who served aboard the USS San Francisco click HERE.

Abbey, William J. 1942-44 B Div Died March14, 1999
Abeyta, Gilbert 1942-43 6th Div Died 1994 in SF, CA.
Acton, Claude W /ctr (US)  

Died Feb. 8, 2014


Adams, Arthur Vincent, Mamth 2c

  Killed in a Night Surface Engagement 13, November 1942
Adams, Ted 1943-46 F Div  
Addison Frank 1942-44 C Div  
Adrian, Fred 1943-44 E Div Died May 6, 1992
Aeschlimann, Armand 1943-46 6th Died Dec. 31, 1996
Aguilar, Joe M, Marine Wounded 11/13/42 Never a SFA Member Died Oct 6, 1999
Alcorn, Gail 1942-43 1st Div  
Alden, Bill, Marine 1938-39  
Alden, John V., Marine 1938-39 Died Sept 17, 1995
Aldous, Theodore, CBM 1934 - 1942 Died 1980
Aldridge, John   Died Sept. 11, 1982
Alex, Mike 1942-45 F Div  
Allen, Arthur J.    
Allen, William Thomas GM2c 1941-? Died July 11, 1985
Anastacio, Oliver 1944-46 C Div  
Anaya, Epifanio P   Died July 5, 1976
Anderson, Alex Jr 1942-44 E Div  
Anderson, Clarence 1934-36 2nd Div  

Anderson, Eric John, GM 3c

  Killed in a Night Surface Engagement 13, November 1942
Anderson, Frank C 1937-45 S Div  
Anderson, Russell E Div  
Andresen, Virgil E 1943-46 B Div  
Anglin, Robert 1941-1942 1st Div  
Antipolo, W G    
Archibeque , Max "Archie" Gunner 1st Mate Died April 14, 1949
Arensdorf, Henry R 1940-42 3rd & R Div Died May 10, 2002
Armstrong, Clinton Samual 1st class PR 1942-45  
Arvay, Paul M 1942-45 A Div Died April 11, 1995
Asher, Harry    
Atkins, Arthur 1944-45 6th Div  
August, Herman   Died Feb. 2011
Augustine, Roland Mervin MM2c Boarded 26, January 1943  
Ayers, William R    
Badger, Harold J. 4/1938-12/1942 A-B-M Div Died May 31, 2004
Bailey, Francis Vernon 1944-45 Died June 24, 1969
Baker, James 1941-42 E Div  
Baker, Kelsey SSN (711)  
Baker, Richard 1938-42 E Div  
Bangle, Joseph 1938-46 1st Div  

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