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USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation
C/O Art Curtis
P.O. Box 318063
San Francisco, CA 94131-8063
Art Curtis: awcurtis@comcast.net






We are just now compiling the names of the men who served aboard the USS San Francisco, and there were many, so if you know of someone who does not appear on our list, please send us their name, and any information you might have about them.  We cherish any and all information that anyone has about the men who served aboard the USS San Francisco.  This is the whole goal of the USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation.  "Keep Our History Alive".

If you would like to help  with this great tribute to the men who served aboard the USS San Francisco click HERE.

Britton, James N    
Brown, Charles 1944-1946 Died Nov.17, 1985
Brown, Donal 1940-43 H Div  
Brown, Gale SSN-711  
Brown, Ken 1942-45 3rd & C Div Died Aug 18, 2000
Brown, Kent L, Dr. H Div Died April 30, 1999

Brown, Lewis T., Lieut (jg)

  Killed in a Night Surface Engagement 13, November 1942
Brown, Seymour 1941-1942 Died 1966
Broyles, Ray S    
Brumback, James 1942-45 Died April 25, 2000
Bruner, Douglas E Div  
Bryant, Murray L 1935-45 B & M Div Died 7/24/1994 Buried at Ft. Logan
Bryant, Ralph Mar.10, 1944 - Nov. 5, 1945 Died 1979
Buckland, Jim 1943-45 M Div  

Bueren, Ernest August, Sea1c

  Killed in a Night Surface Engagement 13, November 1942
Burch, Dick, (Gunnery Officer) 1941-1945 Died May 20, 2010
Burdette, Snyder, PFC Marine Killed in a Night Surface Engagement 13 November 1942
Burket, George   Died 1999
Burkhart, Harold 1941-45 B Div Died Fall 1995
Burlingame, John 1934-37 3rd Div  
Burham, Gordon    
Burns, Doug    
Burris, William Add 6/1942-11/42 4th Div Died Nov 14, 1999
Butkiewicz, Edward 1940-42 E Div  
Butler, Lester    
Byars, Jay D 1937-43 C Div  
Cain, David Franklin CWT   Died 1983
Calande, Eugene "Pete" 1935-40 V Div Died June 17, 2000
Caldwell, A E    
Caldwell, Bernard R 1943-45 C Div  
Caldwell, Charlie C 1939-41 H Div  

Callaghan, Daniel Judson, Rear Adm

  Killed in a Night Surface Engagement 13, November 1942
Calvert, Howard "Max",  Y2c 1934-39 Died 1997
Campbell, James G    
Campbell, William    
Cannaday, Willard 1940 2nd Div  
Cannon, Charles 1943-46 B Div October 9, 2010
Cappeletto, Nick, Lt Col USMC 1939-41  
Card, Earl S "Stan" 1942-45 R Div Died April 14, 2004
Cardinal, Eugene Charles 1940 C Div Died Aug. 18, 1994
Cardinal, LaMoine Sylvester    
Carl, Leland 1933-40 M & B Div  
Carlson, Arthur W, Marine 1943-45  

Carlson, Neil Alvin, AMM3c

  Killed in Air Action off Lunga Point 12, November 1942
Carlton, Guy    
Carner, Robert Allen 1944-46 C Div  
Carter, Vance L 1940-43 2nd Div  

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