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USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation
C/O Art Curtis
P.O. Box 318063
San Francisco, CA 94131-8063
Art Curtis: awcurtis@comcast.net






We are just now compiling the names of the men who served aboard the USS San Francisco, and there were many, so if you know of someone who does not appear on our list, please send us their name, and any information you might have about them.  We cherish any and all information that anyone has about the men who served aboard the USS San Francisco.  This is the whole goal of the USS San Francisco Memorial Foundation.  "Keep Our History Alive".

If you would like to help  with this great tribute to the men who served aboard the USS San Francisco click HERE

Strong, Herman ACPO 1942-45 Died 1961
Strong, Jess 1943-45 V Div Died May 14, 1997
Stroschien, Vernon    
Stroup, Edward J (Mike) 6/1945-11/1945 Flag  
Struble, Earl C 1940-44 F Div  
Sturke, Alton    
Sturman, Bob 1942-43 A & B Div Died 1990
Sundin, Myron F 1937-41 E Div Died Sept 14, 2004
Sura, Clarence P 1941-44 B Div  
Swafford, Arthur L. Sr 1940-46 6th Div  
Swanson, Kenneth 1942-45 6th Div Died Dec 1, 1999
Sweatte, Jack 1940-42 4th Div  
Swett, Otis C 1940-46 R Div Died March 1993
Syerup, Virgil C. Jr. 1943-46 S Div  

Szymanski, Edward Robert, SF 2c

  Killed in a Night Surface Engagement 13, November 1942
Talley, Francis Eugene 1940 -1946 1st Class Gunner Mate Died Nov. 26, 1992
Taraldsen, David 1944-45 V Div  
Tarrant, Eugene A 1938-44 S Div Died Feb. 13, 2014
Taylor, Charles    
Taylor, Donald 1941-43 2nd Div Died Sept 11, 2002

Taylor, Emmett Shaw, CM 3c

  Killed in a Night Surface Engagement 13, November 1942
Taylor, Hoyle A 1940-44 C Div Died Jan 19, 2003
Taylor, John 1940-45 4th & 5th Div Died 1991
Taylor, Marion E. Marine    
Taylor, Percy L    
Taylor, Ralph 1937-42  
Taylor, Walter 3rd Div  
Tellers, Wally 1943-46 C Div  

Terlizzi, Angelo, (n) Sea 1c

  Killed in Air Action off Lunga Point 12, November 1942
Termine, Tommy    
Thibault, John SSN-711  
Thomas, Grover Chief Mech. Mate 1933-43 Died 1990
Thomas, James J 1944-46 C Div  
Thomas, Lowell Jr.    
Thomas, William J    
Thompson, Gray    
Thompson, Howard 1937-41 M Div  
Thompson, James W.   Died June 27,1987
Thompson, Jay Marine 1941-44  
Thompson, Walden T. Marine    
Thompson, Walter 1938-43 A, M, & 1st Div Died Feb 13, 2001
Thornbrugh, Wayne 1940 3rd Div  

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