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Veterans War Memorial Building 
401 Van Ness Avenue. Rm.123
San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone: 573-590-2152




Sameulson, Allen B. Pvt.



Sameulson, Allen B. Pvt. religion Jewish,was a college grad from St. Paul, Minnesota and a great sports fan, he was pleasant to talk to but he tended to talk to his peer group and the young naval officers. I liked him very much and when he called out my name after he had been mortally wounded I responded even though I was wounded also. He thought we were sinking and begged me to get him a life jacket, I went for it and after getting Burdette out of the life jacket locker grabbed the last two jackets and placed one on his chest, Sammy thanked me and clutched it to his chest, he died a few minutes later, a classic example of, "Only the good Die Young!"


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