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Charles A. Welsh

Charles Welsh

Read Charles A Welsh III Diary

Discharge Family
Charles A Welsh III Discharge.
Charles A Welsh, Sr., brother (Fran) , Charles A Welsh, Jr., Charles A. Welsh, III.
Welsh Family Dog
Welsh Family Dog is a picture of the shhip's mascot purloined from a sailor on a Pacific atoll.


Newspaper Article


My father survived the 1944 typhoon aboard the USS San Francisco (CA-38). He was monitoring the radio traffic between ships, and says that everyone was so frantic that they gave up the use of code and just transmitted in clear text–names of ships and everything. At that point I guess their real enemy was nature, not the Imperial Japanese Navy!

If memory serves, the Task Group of 3rd Fleet that took the pounding from the 1944 Philippine typhoon was commanded by Admiral John S. McCain Sr. — grandfather of the Senator.


Charles A.Welsh

Charles A. Welsh Poem

Message- All Hands on Deck

Charles A. Welsh Diary

Charles Welsh in Okinawa

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