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Charles A. Welsh

Charles Welsh


The Lopsided Moon by Charles Welsh

The Lopsided Moon and I are friends,
Keeping watch together in the star-filled night.
I share all my dreams with the Lopsided Moon,
And somehow the sharing helps make them more bright.

There's a pathway of silver across the sea
That leads from The Lopsided Moon to me;
And the brightest of dreams is that when this job's thro
I'll be sailing that pathway straight home to you.

Of when I shall sail, and what I shall find,
The Lopsided Moon helps bring to my mind
A myriad pictures; of scenes old and new,
And around them and through them moves each one of you.

Yes, The Lopsided Moon is a comforting friend,
Sharing my dreams, shining on Journey's End.
And when I com home (may that day be soon),
May it be by the light of The Lopsided Moon.

At Sea, June, 1945


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