Foundation Events

USS San Francisco (CA-38) Memorial Ceremony
Sunday 26 May, 2018 12:00pm – 1:30pm
USS San Francisco Memorial Park, Lands End, Ft. Miley, San Francisco.
Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the World Famous Cliff House


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Annual Memorial Ceremony this Sunday, May 26th

A turning point in the Battle for the Pacific, Guadalcanal marked the end of the southern march of Imperial Japanese forces towards the resource rich continent of Australia. This was a hard-fought campaign with great losses on both sides, and the sacrifices of the men of the USS San Francisco during this battle are honored during this annual event. Every year on the Sunday before Memorial Day out at beautiful Lands End overlooking the Golden Gate, the survivors of the USS San Francisco (CA-38) come together along with friends, family, and service members from all the uniformed branches to pay tribute to our Veterans past and present. The program, held at the USS San Francisco Memorial, is a formal and solemn event attended by a couple of hundred observers and attendees; the program focuses on a Chair of Honor recipient and is designed as a tribute to the officers and sailors of this great ship that lost their lives during the naval battle at Guadalcanal.

The Chair of Honor

This year our program will honor Sgt. Robert B. Ward, USMC, being given the “Chair of Honor.” The Memorial Foundation is privileged to have Sgt. Ward’s son Jeffrey Bruce Ward represent his father and will speak to his memory and his time serving on the USS San Francisco during the Battle of Guadalcanal. More…