Hello, Mr Killmer-John Garvey-(Web-Master Sandy Taylor) and J Stevens, First friends, may we observe, the very interesting number again (13) the USS Franklin CV-13 (a very good luck number)

Mr. Killmer, I was serving on board the heavy cruiser the USS San Francisco CA-38,I remember this date, I have many times talked about the sight that I witnessed on this day, 19-March 1945.

The USS San Francisco with several US destroyers were doing escort duties when this Japanese air attack occurred,-On this clear beautifully day we cruised in step together, suddenly, The Franklin was under attack, burning with hugues bellows of smoke. I see this sight today, every day, it was awesome -62 years ago, horrible, I see our air-planes lined up in alanding circle with some touching the deck landing through smoke while others are exciting the flight deck with a full load of fuel and amo-a sight that we could only watch but can-not give support or help, and it became even more stunning – enemy air craft appeared from he clouds t share in the kill, like vultures from the sky. A dog fight ensued right above this great wounded carrier (Remember-13-V13)

USS San Francisco gentleman, we should add these facts to our Web Site under ships links -etc.
Now little more information. As I boarded the San Francisco in Pearl Harbor in March 1941,a friendly shipmate welcomed me into his division, “Chief Baca” a career sailor, and a highly respected boxer. Some months later (Chief Baca) was transferred to new ship construction and some how he was assigned to the USS Benjamin Franklin CV 13 (see number 13 again), Baca we learned later, was killed during this engagement of 19 March 1945. Sad and do the peace marchers today understand the price that men like Chief Baca paid for their right to march and scream FREEDOM its free ?????

Johnny and all,

Thanks. memories, memories. Shipmate Baca. Yes, I remember him. He was indeed a boxer. One of the best. And one of the Frisco’s finest crewmen. I did not know he was killed while later serving aboard the Franklin. What we all learned back then is that truly Freedom is not Free. Trouble in the streets. Trouble on our borders. Trouble overseas. All on the verge of getting out of control. This generation of doers and shakers better wake up, else all of the crazies will soon be in the driver’s seat and will have a barroom brawl on their hands.

By the way, I’m moving back to Dixon. Too many memories there. More about that later. I’m fine, still sitting up and taking nourishment, as the saying goes, and hope all of you are too.

My best, Heber