Andrew Hanuschik, USN

Andrew Hanuschik

From: Mark Hanuschik (son) January, 2012

Andrew Hanuschik Jr. served on the USS San Francisco Dec 7 th 1941. He was born June 21, 1923 and died 8 August 1987. He did not talk about the fight as I later found out he thought it was a let down to the USA. He did show me where a bullet had gone through his leg and I do not see any purple heart for him. He also said he was a radio man at the time. I still have part of his uniform from that day and the pants are missing. I would think that was the bullet through his leg that his pants were discarded. I was also informed just last year by my Uncle who died that dad helped to get whatever planes off of the ground as he was mechanically incline as most Hanuschik’s are. He told me dad knew how to fly the corsairs and did during that day. My father was very sick before he died but was going to take the boys out to explain all of this but died before he could. If you could give me any information and at least update his birth and death, and check into what I am telling you I would appreciate it as many of my family is veterans also.

I am beholden to all who served on that day and do not find it a loss!