Arthur Lewis

Arthur Lewis was the uncle of Marsha Mayer, who recently attended our Memorial Ceremony. She wrote this letter and sent along pictures of her Uncle Louie, who was wounded during the Battle of Guadacanal.

So much fun to meet you yesterday at the Memorial Day ceremony and experience the wonderful and meaningful program that the foundation sponsored. I already can’t wait to attend next year and bring my cousin with me.

I always knew my uncle Arthur Lewis (Uncle Louie) had his name inscribed on the plaque, but only when my mother passed away March 2022 did I come across a very old newspaper article describing the USS San Francisco Memorial Day ceremony. I was never aware of it and I can’t believe my parents, who lived close by on 36th avenue, never mentioned or attended. I went online to check it out and decided I had to attend. I am so glad that I did.

In the first of the three photos, my uncle is holding myself, Marsha, and my cousin, Rosalie. I am the one on the right and Rosalie is on the left.


In the second photo my uncle is standing with his mother, Ida, on the left and his aunt Fanny on the right.

In the third photo Louie is standing with his sisters, Lillian and Sarah, and I am the little one.



Thanks for all you and the board do to make this event happen.
Marsha Mayer