The Men Who Served

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There are currently 37 names in this directory beginning with the letter A.
Abbey, William J.
1942-44 B Div
Submitted by: Died March 14, 1999
Abeyta, Gilbert
1942-43 6th Div
Submitted by: Died 1994 in SF, CA
Acton, Claude W /ctr (US)
Submitted by: Died Feb. 8, 2014
Adams, Ted
1943-46 F Div
Addison Frank
1942-44 C Div
Adrian, Fred
1943-44 E Div
Submitted by: Died May 6, 1992
Aeschlimann, Armand
1943-46 6th
Submitted by: Died Dec. 31, 1996
Alcorn, Gail
1942-43 1st Div
Alden, Bill, Marine
Alden, John V., Marine
Submitted by: Died Sept 17, 1995
Aldous, Theodore, CBM
Submitted by: Died 1980
Aldridge, John
Submitted by: Died Sept. 11, 1982
Alex, Mike
1942-45 F Div
Alexander Kelly McDonald
I don’t know which years he served but my Grandfather AK McDonald served on the USS Sanfrancisco
Submitted by: Melissa McDonald
Allen, Arthur J.
Allen, William Thomas GM2c
Submitted by: Died July 11, 1985
Anastacio, Oliver
1944-46 C Div
Anaya, Epifanio P
Submitted by: Died July 5, 1976
Anderson, Alex Jr
1942-44 E Div
Anderson, Clarence
1934-36 2nd Div
Anderson, Frank C
1937-45 S Div
Anderson, Russell
E Div
Andresen, Virgil E
1943-46 B Div
Andrew Hanuschik
Anglin, Robert
1941-1942 1st Div
Antipolo, W G
Applegate, Murray B
Seaman 1st Classrn11/1944 to 10/1945
Submitted by: Arthur Applegate
Archie W. Tootle
born 1925, died Dec. 22, 1975, Jackson Co , MS
Submitted by: Else J. Martin
Arden W. Cowgill
1933 - 1937, aviation machinist mate, original crew
Submitted by: John A. Cowgill
Arensdorf, Henry R
1940-42 3rd & R Div
Submitted by: Died May 10, 2002
Armstrong, Clinton Samual 1st class PR
Arvay, Paul M
1942-45 A Div
Submitted by: Died April 11, 1995
Asher, Harry
Atkins, Arthur
1944-45 6th Div
August, Herman
Submitted by: Died Feb. 2011
Augustine, Roland Mervin MM2c
Boarded 26, January 1943
Ayers, William R

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