The Men Who Served

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There are currently 32 names in this directory beginning with the letter L.
Laake, Gilbert G. S1c
Submitted by: Died Jan 30, 1999
Labanowski, George J
Labrato, John R
1942-46 1st Div
Lacour, Alvin H
Submitted by: Died Aug 28, 1993
Ladusau, Dean
2nd Div
Ladusau, Don
Submitted by: Died 1979
LaFortune, George
1937-41 C & V Div
Submitted by: Died July 16, 2000
Lager, Francis E
Large, charles
Is marines
Submitted by: David large
Lauren Robinson
served i belived as some sort of cook. i have a album from the ship with many photos of him on board.
Submitted by: Buddy Robinson
Leroy Davis
Submitted by: Ronald Davis
Lester Kern Strickland
Gunners mate 2nd classrnSilver star recipient
Submitted by: Harold Lloyd Strickland
Loeffler, James F
1940-46 R Div
Lofts, Richard
1943 I Div
Lombard, John A
Long, Grant
Long, John Jr
Longo, Bill
1943-45 E Div
Submitted by: Died Jan 20, 1993
Louck, Farrell
E Div
Submitted by: Died Oct 1986
Louis E Clouse
B 03-09-1922rn
Submitted by: Kerry L (Clouse) Olson
Love, Virgie
Loveridge, G B (Jake)
1936-43 R Div
Lowe, Richard L CDR
Loyns, Eddie L
1940 C Div
Submitted by: Died Oct 23, 2002
Luca, Andrew
1943-46 S Div
Submitted by: Died Oct 2, 1996
Luchini, Secondo (Lou)
1942-44 E Div
Submitted by: Died June 22, 2007
Lund, Duane W
1944-45 V Div
Lux, Corliss D
1940-43 M Div
Submitted by: Died Oct 6, 1982
Lydon, Larry G
1941-42 2nd & 5th Div
Lynde, Larry
Lytle, George L
1934 3rd Div
Lytton, Dale Lloyd

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