The Men Who Served

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There are currently 12 names in this directory beginning with the letter F.
Fairweather, Walter
Falgout, George Irvin
Submitted by: Killed in Air Action off Lunga Point 12 November 1942
Fallis, Fred F
Feliciano Piamonte
officer steward 3/31/38 -3/26/1942, died July 1969
Submitted by: Moises & Tina Piamonte
Freeman, Reese
1939-43 F Div
Submitted by: Died Dec 9, 2001
Freeman, Richard
1939-43 F Div
Freeman, Ryland
Submitted by: Died Aug 11, 1984
Freeze, Billy Joe SK3
Freyslaben, Roy, Gunner's Mate 2nd class
Submitted by: Died 1996
Fujarski, Ted
Fuller, Melvin L, Capt.
1938-43 F Div
Fullmer, Lavern E

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