The Men Who Served

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There are currently 60 names in this directory beginning with the letter J.
Jackson, Claud
1942-45 F Div
Jackson, Henry (Lee)
Never SFA Member
Jackson, Wesley H. Marine
James Berray
Died aboard USS San Francisco during Battle of Guadalcanal. Link to Findagrave:
Submitted by: Paul Hardt
James C Sherrell
Submitted by: Died April 8, 2010
James j neryry
Submitted by: Leon brinkman
James Leonard Malloy
Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class; 1941-1944
Submitted by: Sarah Demello
James Malloy
Gunner’s Mate
Submitted by: Sarah Demello
James R Nash
Seaman 1st class
Submitted by: Ronnie W Nash
James Raymond Sokol
Radio Operator
Submitted by: Robin Sokol
James robert nash
My father, member of Navy during WWII
Submitted by: Harold Nash
James T. Harper GM1c
Transferred from USS Mississippi prior to 12/41.rnCapt. /Mt. 51.rnTransferred to school, Naval Gun Factory, approx. 5/44.rnDied-4/89
Submitted by: James T. Harper, Jr.
Jankowski, John J
1940-42 4th Div
Jansen, Calvin
Jarboe, Claude
1942-45 S Div
Jaroch, Norbert J
1937-43 M Div
Submitted by: Died Nov 13, 1993
Jarrett, Phillip C. Marine
Jarvis, Harold Jr.
Jarvis, Ronald, Marine
jay valentine chase
Submitted by: jay valentine chase jr
Jellison, Doug
1941-44 6th Div
Jenkins, Donald E
1939-43 E Div
Jesse, Herman
Jinks, Orville
1940-43 C Div
Submitted by: Died June 22, 2013
Joan O. Pacillas
Submitted by: Leticia Pacillas
Joe Dixion Hughs
1/C G Division march 42
Submitted by: Bill Dyess (nephew)
Joerger, Raymond F
1941-43 E Div
Submitted by: Died April 16, 2001
John A. Webster
served from 1941 through 1943; retired from USN in 1970; died in 1997
Submitted by: Bruce F. Webster
John Egan
Submitted by: David C. Spencer
John G Osborn
Wounded 21/13/1942
Submitted by: Roy Osborn
John Peter Applehans
?rnDied October 31, 1994
Submitted by: Jan Crockett
John R. McAdoo Jr.
1943-1946 FC -S/1CrnDied 1 October 2016rn
Submitted by: Thomas R. McAdoo
John. G. Osborn
Roy Osborn
Submitted by: Roy Osborn
Johnson Richard Edward
1938-42 F Div
Submitted by: Died Sept 1, 1991
Johnson, Clarence E
1938-43 M Div
Submitted by: Died 1994
Johnson, Clarence Thomas
Submitted by: Mark Johnson
Johnson, Everett H
1940-44 4th & R Div
Submitted by: Died Sept 17, 1994
Johnson, Harold T
1940-45 B Div
Johnson, Howard
Johnson, Johnny
1941-45 S Div
Johnson, Kenneth A
1940 Flag & C Div
Johnson, Maurice
Johnson, McKinley R
1941-44 6th Div
Johnson, Preston
Johnson, Ted S
1944-45 F Div
Joinville, P V
Submitted by: Died June 9, 1975
Jones, Archie
E Div
Submitted by: Died 1979
Jones, Charles W.
Chief Store Keeper
Submitted by: Died May 15, 1982
Jones, Dale R
Submitted by: Died Sept 6, 1992
Jones, Daniel W Jr.
Jones, Edmond W.
Jones, James
1944-46 F Div
Jones, Stanley Davis
Submitted by: Died December 13, 1963. Composer of "Ghost Riders In The Sky" (1948)
Jordan, Timothy
Joseph Fladge Montgomery
Chief Commissary Steward
Submitted by: Natalie Akins
Joseph Neely
Submitted by: Joseph Neely jr
Joseph P Stark
Seaman 1st Class. Awarded Silver Star and Purple Heart for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action on Nov 12-13 1942 aboard USS San FranciscoCA-38
Submitted by: Joe Curtis
Joseph Vaughn Whitt
Spring 1941-June 1944
Submitted by: Cheryl Whitt Rios
Julihn, Lawrence V
Justice, Ivan, Marine

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