The Men Who Served

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There are currently 41 names in this directory beginning with the letter R.
R, C. Wetzel
Storekeeper 3crn1945-1946
Submitted by: Wetzel, R. C.
Rader, Harry
1944-45 Flag
Submitted by: Died 2001
Raftery, Daniel PH3
Raley, Stanley
1945-46 1st Div
Submitted by: Died March 10, 2001
Ralph Quintel
Radio man 3rd class
Submitted by: Joanne Beebe
Randolph, George
1934-37 B Div
Ransom, Bert
Ransom, William (Sam)
1940-46 1st Div
Rasmussen, Howard E
1937-41 S Div
Rath, Ray E
4/1939-7/1942 E Div
Ratliff, Tom
1942-45 Radioman
Submitted by: Died March 18, 2000
Rauch, Paul
Rauscher, Paul
1934-37 S Div
Submitted by: Died Sept 5, 1996
Ray Dallas Glenn
5\'10\' white male
Submitted by: Gregory R. Glenn
Ray, F Perry
1945-46 Flag
Submitted by: Died Nov 6, 1996
Read, R Morley Jr.
1942-43 H Div
Rebholz, John Louis 2C Fire Controlman
Submitted by: Died March 14, 1998
Rice, Wesslie S.
Gunner's Mate, 1st Class Center Gun, Turret 1 1941-1945
Submitted by: Doug Rice (Son)
Robert B. Ward
Marine 1942-1944. Participated in both the Battle of Guadalcanal and the Battle of the Phillipine Seas.
Submitted by: John D. Ward
Robert C. Hunter
Joined the Navy after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Served on the USS San Francisco
Submitted by: Ken Crane
Robert Dusenberry
Submitted by: Mike Dusenberry
Robert Perry
Jeannie Kant & Keith Relyea
Submitted by: Keith Relyea
Rogers, Loyd E
1942-44 F Div
Romano, Dominic J
1940-43 S Div
Submitted by: Died Dec 30, 2000
Rose, James
1942-45 I Div
Ross, Harold Kenneth
Submitted by: Died February 17, 1973
Rossen, George Bobo, Y 2c
Submitted by: Killed in a Night Surface Engagement 13 November 1942
Roverano, Leo
Submitted by: Died 1982 in Kentucky at Reunion
Roy J. Forler
Marine Corp on USS San Francisco during attack on Pearl Harbor
Submitted by: Linda Forler Abel
Roy, Edward R
1939-45 4th Div
Royal, Fitz Lee
1937-42 F Div
Royce, Franklin J
1939 Diver
Submitted by: Died April 2002
Rufus Stewart
18 yo
Submitted by: Carl Merlin
Rule, John
1945 I Div
Rundle, Robert H. Marine
Rusbashan, Michael
1936-42 B Div
Submitted by: Died Feb 15, 1991
Rusk, Billy Joe
1944-46 2nd Div
Russell Provost
Russell Provost and his brother Louis both served on the USS San Francisco. They were both stationed on the Ship at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked. They both served on the ship until the end of the war. I have a picture of the boxing team they were both on.
Submitted by: Cyrus J. Provost
Ryan, Lawrence
1936-43 2nd Div, Boatswain was at Guadalcanal Never SFA Member
Submitted by: Died 1956
Rynerson, Robert W
Marine 1942-45
Ryon, Glenn

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