The Men Who Served

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There are currently 49 names in this directory beginning with the letter C.
Cain, David Franklin CWT
Submitted by: Died 1983
Calande, Eugene "Pete"
1935-40 V Div
Submitted by: Died June 17, 2000
Caldwell, A E
Caldwell, Bernard R
1943-45 C Div
Caldwell, Charlie C
1939-41 H Div
Campbell, James G
Campbell, William
Cannaday, Willard
1940 2nd Div
Cannon, Charles
1943-46 B Div
Submitted by: 9-Oct-10
Cappeletto, Nick, Lt Col USMC
Card, Earl S "Stan"
1942-45 R Div
Submitted by: Died April 14, 2004
Cardinal, Eugene Charles
1940 C Div
Submitted by: Died Aug. 18, 1994
Cardinal, LaMoine Sylvester
Carl, Leland
1933-40 M & B Div
Carlson, Arthur W, Marine
Carlton, Guy
Carner, Robert Allen
1944-46 C Div
Carter, Vance L
1940-43 2nd Div
Charles Allen Perry
First Class Firefighter rn6-21-1924 to 6-11-1992
Submitted by: Jill Tabera
charles edward riegel
3rd class auxillaryman1943-?died 1964
Submitted by: charles edward riegel jr.
Charles Large
Christopher F Sobba
Submitted by: Randy Sobba
Clyde Newell Hudson Junior
Cook? Always spoke of being in the galley when the Japanese struck the ship yard. He was my great-uncle. Thank You.
Submitted by: Dennis Hodge II
Corrigan, Mike
1943-44 E Div
Submitted by: Died 1982
Cosby, Bruce
Cost, Hugh
1939-43 B Div
Submitted by: Died Oct 26, 1992
Cottingham, John
1935-40 C Div
Countryman, Bill
1941-46 1st Div
Covert, Lonnie Warren Seaman 1st Class
Submitted by: Died Jan. 29, 1968
Cox, James E
Coyle, Clarence James
Crabtree, Andrew J. Marine
Cran, Cecil
1943-44 5th Div
Crane, George H II
1943-46 B Div
Crawford, J W
Crawford, Van R
1934-37 R Div
Creamer, Oscar
1942-45 A Div
Submitted by: Died Jan 4, 2001
Crosby, Robert
Cross, William Ernest
Submitted by: Died Jan., 2008
Crouse, Glen
2nd Div
Crouter, Mark Hanna, Commander
Submitted by: Killed in a Night Surface Engagement 13 November 1942
Cruickshank, James, Gunner's Mate
Submitted by: Died Feb. 14, 1983
Cruncleton, Harry E Jr.
1942-45 E Div
Cumbie, Aubrey Cecil
Submitted by: Died Jan. 1992
Curran, Joseph F
1943-45 6th Div
Submitted by: Died April 10, 1994
Currey, Joseph M
1941-45 2nd Div
Submitted by: Died Oct. 17, 2008
Curry, Aubrey
1942-43 2nd Div
Submitted by: Died Jan 18, 1998
Curtis, James W. Marine
Cushing, Wayne

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