The Men Who Served

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There are currently 33 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Sakovits, John J
1943-46 2nd Div
Sameulson, Allen B. Pvt.
Samuelson, Philip
1941-42 A Div
Submitted by: Died April 16, 2001
Sanders, Donald
Marine Never SFA Member
Sandoval Meliton P (Sandy)
1944-45 Band-Trumpet Never SFA Member
Submitted by: Died 1961
Sandstrom, Frank
1936-38 2nd Div
Sanin, Ottis
M Div Never SFA Member
Submitted by: Died March 2000
Sartell, James E
Sarver, James Earl
1941-43 H & B Div
Submitted by: Died April 26, 1998
Sawyer, Carl W
Sawyer, Coston L
1936-40 3rd & V Div
Submitted by: Died Nov 11, 2005
Saylor, Frank
V Div
Schaffer, O J
Schenk, John A
1943-46 C Div
Schidt, Michael
Schiller, J R (Bob)
Schlender, Ralph Sr.
Schlutter, Kenneth I
1936-40 B & M Div
Submitted by: Died June 13, 1995
Schmidt, George
1940-44 R Div
Strong, Herman ACPO
Submitted by: Died 1961
Strong, Jess
1943-45 V Div
Submitted by: Died May 14, 1997
Stroschien, Vernon
Stroup, Edward J (Mike)
6/1945-11/1945 Flag
Struble, Earl C
1940-44 F Div
Sturke, Alton
Sturman, Bob
1942-43 A & B Div
Submitted by: Died 1990
Sundin, Myron F
1937-41 E Div
Submitted by: Died Sept 14, 2004
Sura, Clarence P
1941-44 B Div
Swafford, Arthur L. Sr
1940-46 6th Div
Swanson, Kenneth
1942-45 6th Div
Submitted by: Died Dec 1, 1999
Sweatte, Jack
1940-42 4th Div
Swett, Otis C
1940-46 R Div
Submitted by: Died March 1993
Syerup, Virgil C. Jr.
1943-46 S Div

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