The Men Who Served

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There are currently 14 names in this directory beginning with the letter O.
O'Connor, James F
1939-44 F Div
O'Neill, Roy E
Olsen, James U Marine
Submitted by: Died Sept 2005
Olson, Woodrow L
1942-45 3rd & F Div
Orsino, David YNC
1945-46 S Div
Orsow, Donald
1942 1st Div
Ortman, Floyd V
1940-43 S Div
Submitted by: Died May 3, 1992
Ostrowski, Albin R. Seaman 1st Class
Ostrowski, Edward R
1942-45 V Div
Submitted by: Died Oct 17, 2001
Ovendale, Robert
1943-45 C & Signal Div
Submitted by: Died Aug 1996
Overesch, Harvey Edward, Captain
Overfield, Robert
1940-44 C Div
Owens, Ray H
1942-43 B Div
Submitted by: Died Feb 1, 1995
Owsley, Raymond
1934-43 2nd, M & A Div Plankowner

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