The Men Who Served

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There are currently 52 names in this directory beginning with the letter T.
Taraldsen, David
1944-45 V Div
Tarrant, Eugene A
1938-44 S Div
Submitted by: Died Feb. 13, 2014
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Donald
1941-43 2nd Div
Submitted by: Died Sept 11, 2002
Taylor, Emmett Shaw, CM 3c
Submitted by: Killed in a Night Surface Engagement 13 November 1942
Taylor, Hoyle A
1940-44 C Div
Submitted by: Died Jan 19, 2003
Taylor, John
1940-45 4th & 5th Div
Submitted by: Died 1991
Taylor, Marion E. Marine
Taylor, Percy L
Taylor, Ralph
Taylor, Walter
3rd Div
Tellers, Wally
1943-46 C Div
Termine, Tommy
Thibault, John
Aircraft mechanic
Submitted by: Tom lamb jr
Thomas glen Slough
Submitted by: Tom Slough
Thomas J. Smith
Submitted by: Thomas Smith III
Thomas, Grover Chief Mech. Mate
Submitted by: Died 1990
Thomas, James J
1944-46 C Div
Thomas, Lowell Jr.
Thomas, William J
Submitted by: Tom lamb
Thompson, Gray
Thompson, Howard
1937-41 M Div
Thompson, James W.
Submitted by: Died June 27, 1987
Thompson, Jay Marine
Thompson, Walden T. Marine
Thompson, Walter
1938-43 A, M, & 1st Div
Submitted by: Died Feb 13, 2001
Thornbrugh, Wayne
1940 3rd Div
Thornton, Francis J
Thren, Lawrence P
E Div
Submitted by: Died Jan 2, 1994
Thrift, James A. Marine
Thurman, Richard
Tidwell, Jack E. Marine
Tillotson, Richard
1945-46 C Div
Submitted by: Died Feb 12, 1997
Tipton, Wiley E Marine
Submitted by: Died 1997
Tito, Marsala
Tjovenos, Thomas T
1944-46 C Div
Todero, Nick
Tollefson, Don
Tompkins, Robert M
1941-44 M Div
Submitted by: Died Oct 6, 1994
Tootle, Archie W.
Treitinger, Donald Ray
1941-43 1st Div
Submitted by: Died Aug 29, 1997
Triplett, Lew D
Trotter, William George
1941-43 1st Div
Submitted by: Died Nov 4, 1994
Trout, Burke R
1941-45 F Div
Submitted by: Died Feb 25, 1995
Trucco, Anthony
Submitted by: Died Aug 1997
Tupper, Theodore
1940-42 E Div
Turina, Frank J. Jr. Marine
Turner, Edward L.
S Div
Turner, N F
Tyng, M Thiel

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