The Men Who Served

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There are currently 64 names in this directory beginning with the letter W.
Wader, Dave
1940-43 2nd Div
Wahlin, Raymond John Seaman 1C
Submitted by: Died May 29, 1987
Walck, Gordon E
1940-46 R Div
Walker, Harry P
1944-45 F Div
Submitted by: Died 1998
Walker, Walter
Wallace, John G Capt USN Ret
1942-44 F Div
Submitted by: Died April 23, 2002
Wallace, Joseph A Jr.
Waller, Harold F Marine
Walter Houston Martin
Submitted by: Loria Hubbard
Walter Welch
Submitted by: John Chamberland
Ward, Harold E
1940-42 S Div
Submitted by: Died June 9, 2015
Ward, Paul
Submitted by: Killed aboard April 5, 1943
Ward, Robert Bruce Marine
Warden, Earl E
1937-43 B & A Div
Submitted by: Died Aug 11, 1984
Warfield, Carl Lee
1942-45 6th Div
Warington, Harry
1943-44 M Div
Warren, Harvey D
1943-46 6th Div
Washington, Harold
1939-43 S Div
Submitted by: Died 1999
Waters, Bill
Watt, William
Watts, Arthur H
1938-42 F Div
Submitted by: Died 1993
Webb, B V
Webb, Harry L
1940-42 A & B Div
Submitted by: Died Jan 22, 2001
Wesley Ray Stevens
on the Muster Roll of the Crew for the quarter ending 30 June 1944; first received on board 1/5/1943; service number 625 84 33
Submitted by: Janet Stevens Stearns, daughter
Wesslie S. Rice
Gunner\'s Mate 1st classrn1942-1945
Submitted by: John E. Rice
westwood Alva M
Submitted by: westwood james
Submitted by: Davis
William Allen
Gunners mate
Submitted by: Rodger Smith
William Burkhard Way (Sr)
He supposedly served pre-war, fell 20-40 feet onto the deck during blackout conditions in the Atlantic while delivering a message (missing/loose grate), breaking his arms/elbows, and as we found out decades later, his neck and back as well -- he had not been told this by his doctors His battle stations were in the gunpowder storage. He was medically discharged, later drafted into the Army and was eventually sent to Italy. In northern Italy he had swelling problems with his arms and was medically discharged from the Army.
Submitted by: Kenneth Way (son)
William C. Herman
Submitted by: Bruce Herman
William Davis II
U. S. S. San Francisco as a Petty Officer Second Class
Submitted by: Brian Smith
William Heatherton
1941-1945rnRadioman 1st class
Submitted by: Brian Heatherton
William R Lawson
Submitted by: J. Lawson
Williamson, Boyd D Lt. Colonel Ret
1941-42 2nd Div
Willoughby, Herbert
V Div
Wilson, Charles G Jr
1941-45 1st Div
Wilson, Eugene Marine
Wilson, Leo
1943-46 1st Div
Wilson, Richard B Jr. (Clancy)
1941-42 2nd Div
Submitted by: Died Jan 29, 2002
Wing, Virgil N
Winoker, Sidney
Winther, William Oliver Seaman 1st class and FC03/C(t)
Wintle, Jack William, Cmdr.
Submitted by: Died November 13, 1942
Wirsing, Paul J
Wise, Gerald D Marine
Submitted by: Died 1997
Wise, Ray F
R Div
Submitted by: Died March 3, 1997
Wiseman, Robert T
1942-46 F Div
Submitted by: Died May 4, 2001
Wishard Franklin Lemons
Wishard Lemons, my father, arrived in Pearl Harbor shortly after the bombing. He said \"The smoke was still hanging in the air.\" He had been assigned to the USS San Francisco and, no doubt, sailed with her. I believe he returned to Pearl in either late April or late June when she returned to Pearl and he was stationed on short. He talked of working below decks handling ammunition as the ship shelled. He was for a while the captain\'s talker. He respected Rear Admiral Callaghan and was sad that he was killed along with the other men in the South Pacific. He was not on the ship at that time. He was extremely proud of his service on the USS San Francisco and had a large framed picture of the ship on his wall when he died in 2014.
Submitted by: Don S. Lemons
Wittler, Elden Meridith
1941-42 1st Div
Submitted by: Died Oct 27, 1999 on his 78th birthday
Wohlfrom, Harold H
1941-46 C Div
Submitted by: Died March 14, 1997
Wolf, Irwin
Wolfe, Glen
Wood, Ernest
1940-45 M Div
Wood, William O
1940-45 M Div
Submitted by: Died April 16, 1997
Woodall H V
Woodard, Wilbert A
S Div
Worley, David
1938-43 2nd Div
Worley, Robert L
1937-41 C & V Div
Wormington Herman L. Marine
Wright, Francis C YNC USN Ret
1940-42 C Div
Submitted by: Died April 14, 1998
Wright, Raymond L
1940-45 M Div
Submitted by: Died Feb 2, 2000
Wubker, Virgil
1942 F Div
Wycott, Albert E Marine
Submitted by: Died 1994
Wydra, William

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