The Men Who Served

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There are currently 53 names in this directory beginning with the letter P.
Pallies, Roland J
Parker, J R (Jesse)
1935-39 1st Div
Submitted by: Died 1992
Parker, Louis H
1944-45 C Div & Flag
Parker, Ralph C Capt.
Parrott, John
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Submitted by: Died Jan 11, 1996
Patton, Richard
Patyk, Henry J. Marine
Paul Haney
Served under Johnny Johnson as a Baker/for GQ he loaded shells in a gun elevator. Paul passed in 1997 at the age of 72 in our native Knoxville, Tennessee. I am his youngest son.
Submitted by: Mark Haney
Paulk, Hugh Clay
1942-45 E & A Div
Payette, Claire Allen S1c
Submitted by: Died April 6, 1980
Payne, Hershel E
2/1943-12/1945 5th Div
Payne, Leroy
Submitted by: Died April 21, 1999
Peachey, Jack W
H Div
Pearson, Grover
1944-45 V Div
Pearson, Thomas
1939-43 3rd Div
Pearson, Walter R. Jr.
1942-44 I Div
Submitted by: Died Aug 2, 1992
Pena, Valentine
1942-46 5th Div
Penoso, Vicente, SDC
Submitted by: Died Aug 16, 1993
Penry, Charles A
1935-40 E Div
Perkins, Gerald
Perkins, Homer S
Perkowski, Stanley
1939-43 B Div
Submitted by: Died Aug 1, 1996
Perlman, Benjaman J
Perraguly, Ray
Perre, Leon L Sr.
1941-44 3rd Div
Perrine, Dale
Never SFA Member
Submitted by: Died Feb 1, 1998
Perry, Lenard
Perry, Robert J
1938-43 4th Div
Submitted by: Died April 29,2002
Peterson, H J
Peterson, John W D
1940-42 3rd & 4th Div
Submitted by: Died Dec 18, 1994
Petticrew, William Eugene (Bill)
1942-45 A Div
Submitted by: Died April 23, 1998
Petty J C
Phelps, James
Submitted by: Died Nov 1981
Phelps, Steve
Philip L Winkler
PVT. Marine Detachment, 1940
Submitted by: Glenn Walker
Piaazk, John
Pinch, Dick
1942-43 2nd Div
Pittenger, Roger
1934-38 S Div
Pittman, Elbert, Pharmacist Mate 2nd Class
Submitted by: Died April 25, 1992
Pitzer, Dallas
On USSSF at Pearl Harbor on 21st Birthday Never SFA Member
Submitted by: Died Nov 28, 2000
Pollock, Harold B Marine
Submitted by: Died Dec 16, 2001
Poole, Hunter
SSN 711
Poore, Forrest F Marine
Submitted by: Died Sept 13, 1991
Potwin W B
1940-45 C Div
Powell,Thomas LCDR USN Ret
1943-44 4th Div
Prellberh, William
Price, William H Sr.
1944-46 S Div
Pronze, Robert
Propps, Jack R
1940-43 2nd Div
Submitted by: Died July 30, 1997
Provost, Louis
Submitted by: Died 1997
Purviance, Don
1942-46 3rd Div
Purvis, Jim Sr.
Pyles, Charles Jr.
1944-46 V Div
Submitted by: Died Dec 19, 1997

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